Untamed Violets Photography | Wedding FAQ


Why hire a professional?

You often hear of brides & grooms who consider having their friend, cousin or  “uncle bob” photograph their wedding because they have a decent or even GREAT camera and they want to save on costs. I get it, with gas prices near $4 a gallon and inflation on items that used to cost half what they do now… it’s no secret the economy is not great these days.

When it comes to your wedding, you only get one chance at having it documented correctly and professionally. The memories you relive from your wedding 20 years later will come from memory and the photographs you invested in. Photographs from your wedding are one of or the most important part of your wedding and you want it done correctly. I use my years of experience and training and take into account things like lighting, as it has a lot to do with getting a great image, the angle of the photo, the subject and lots more. I use a variety of lenses that are appropriate for each part of your wedding and shoot on manual which allows me to accommodate to the ever changing day of a wedding. Just because your friend or family member has a good camera and won’t charge you a lot, does not mean you will get great photos you will love and cherish forever.


How long have you been photographing weddings and how did you get started?

I have been photographing weddings on a professional basis for 6 years. I got started with training and seminars with other professional photographers and then went off on her own and learned a lot in experience. Mindy who photographs weddings with me, started photographing weddings with Jenn in 2011 after she gained knowledge at some seminars and local classes. I am mostly self taught and continue to learn new things through seminars and classes and networking with other professional photographers.  Jenn and Mindy can photograph your wedding together....why not get the best of both!


What do you use for equipment?

I use professional grade D series Canon cameras and lens'. I always have a second camera to offer a backup if needed and use several different zoom and fixed lenses, professional flashes and equipment for weddings.


Do you back up wedding photos and how long do you keep them on file?

I absolutely backup all professional photos, especially wedding photos. I use several different memory cards during a wedding day and they all get backed up as soon as I get back to the office. They are uploaded to 2 different hard drives and a disk that are stored in different locations, one being in a fire proof safe. I keep wedding photos on the hard drives for 2-3 years. After wedding photos are available for online viewing on our website, I keep them there for about 6 months. After that they are taken off the website to allow room for more recent photo galleries. They are available to be re-uploaded once they are removed from our website after 6 months, at a cost of $50 for up to 2 years after the wedding.


What’s it going to cost me?

While I have my packages posted for potential clients to see, this is not an easy answer, but here goes... I know the time that I put into editing EVERY SINGLE IMAGE I give you! I know how much I spend customizing your package to fit your needs, talking with you before your wedding to get all the details so I am prepared and up to date on equipment to make sure it is the best and that I have back ups if needed. I also know how much time I spend with you after your wedding making sure you have all the images and products you desire. I understand that photography is not only an art form, but a science and I have training to back us up. I understand the work on your wedding day and even before prepping and preparing.  While I have a set of packages available, i like to customize packages to the couples needs so lets talk about your needs so we can have an idea on your cost.

So, are there less expensive photographers out there?  Absolutely!  But, I know in my heart of hearts that your money spent to hire a professional will be well worth it.  You also get the option of 2 photographers for your wedding, which is a fabulous deal in itself! These photographs are your memories, memories that will be cherished for years to come. Invest in your memories!


Will I get personal attention?

YES!  I try to make you feel like my only bride!  I do my best to make sure I have covered all the bells and whistles of preparing for your day.  That equals all attention on you while not missing any of those important details.  I am here to and spend a lot of hours answering e-mails and phone calls during the planning and preparation process and of course afterwards.  During your wedding day I am available to be there for you, for you photography needs.


Why offer prints AND digital images?

I have access to professional printers, you may not.  It’s so important to have quality prints on your wall, you need them to last for years, I can make that happen!  If you chose a package that includes the high-res digital images you are able print copies for Nana and your favorite Auntie Jan, and even post them on Facebook but I caution all clients on the quality of prints you get from cheaper labs like Walmart and CVS. The colors can vary from the photo on the disk/drive to the print you get as I only color coordinate with my professional labs. So while smaller prints may be great from local cheaper labs, i always recommend bigger prints and products from my labs!


In this digital age, is an album necessary?

ABSOLUTELY!  A hard copy and something physical can never replace a digital copy of your favorite photos. Software is always changing and always different from computer to computer!  Remember the floppy disc?  I actually have pictures on those and guess what, I cannot access them now!  Your digital images are awesome for sharing with friends and family in this age of digital technology but a photo of you and your groom on a computer will have a much different feel to it if you see in front of you in an album or blown up onto a canvas in your living room!  And who knows, we may not be able to have access to DVD images in 40 years. You will not regret a decision to have an album of your day.  Trust me on this one!


How soon do I get to see the photos?

Your online proofing gallery will be available often within 90 days (usually less depending on the time of year). I often provide a sneak peek preview within a week of your wedding and often have the entire wedding images processed before 90 days, but I give myself 90 days to have them available for online viewing. While I do limit the weddings I photograph every year so I can pay personal attention to all my couples, I often have images to finish processing before I get to work on the next wedding.  If you are getting an album, that will take a bit longer while I custom design them for you after you get back to me on the images you want in your album. I will put together an album of the photos that you selected (restrictions apply) and offer a digital view for you to approve prior to ordering. 


What’s your style?

I do tend to shoot in a natural photojournalistic style to capture your wedding but my portfolio speaks for itself. Please take a look at my portfolio video on our wedding images tab and checkout my Facebook page for the most recent images to see if you like my style. If you love what you see and can imagine that being your wedding, then I may be the right photographers for you!


How do you conduct yourselves at weddings?

I try to be as unobtrusive as possible. The biggest compliment I can get (besides being told my images were beautiful) is being told "we hardly knew you were there", "we thought you were a part of the family because you blended in so well". I dress for the occasion, usually in neutrals, so as to blend in.  During the ceremony I will be in various places, offering different perspectives, while remaining as unobtrusive as you desire.  I often know there may be restrictions at ceremonies and I know guests don't want me standing up in front of them so I try our best to remain discreet. I will direct the formal photos with confidence and order to help move things along and offer a more intimate time for some beautiful portraits of the bride and groom. Once the party starts I take a more photo journalistic approach, capturing candid moments of you and your sweetheart, bridal party, guests, as well as all the details that make this your special day. I prefer a spot at a guest table so I don't miss a thing during dinner!


Who do you recommend for hair and makeup?

I love the ladies at Sia Bello Salon and Spa!  They are located at 1049 Center Street in Auburn.  Give them a call at (207) 376-4975 and check them out on Facebook